Public transport is not suitable for tourists: First you have to buy a ticket for € 2,-, which entitles you to take part in public transport in the first place. This card has to be loaded with a further amount of money, from which the individual bus trips are deducted. If you have charged too much, the amount will not be refunded. You cannot buy tickets in the bus. Day tickets are indisputably expensive because they include additional free admission to all kinds of museums. There is no “public transport only” day ticket!

Fortunately Andrej takes me to the city in the morning. We have a coffee together before he rushes to the office and I start my city tour after updating my blog. Ljubljana gleams with a lot of water: two rivers flow through the city. Here the Lubljanica flows into the Sava, my “leading river” of yesterday, the former shaping the inner city. The Ljubljana Castle is not only located on a mountain, but also on an island, as the Lubljanica flows around it on both sides. Through the river in the city there are of course also many bridges worth seeing, in addition many bars and cafés, almost all with outdoor gastronomy, many squares, but also small alleys, which gives the whole a Mediterranean flair – it is not that far to the Mediterranian Sea! And so today’s blog entry is more like a picture book:

Mestni trg (town hall square) with the fountain of the three Krainer rivers

The Schusterbrücke – today a place on the water

one of many cafés

The Hercules Fountain on the Stari trg (Old Square)

yet another café

Die Barockorgel in der Dreifaltigkeitskirche

The Serbian Orthodox Church of St. Cyril and Methodius (those with the Cyrillic and Glagolitic alphabets respectively)

The cupola in St. Cyril and Methodius

colourful Art Nouveau style for a rather dull interior: the Genossenschaftliche Wirtschaftsbank (cooperative commercial bank)

even more Art Nouveau: the Urbanc House

The Three Bridges were created when a pedestrian bridge was added to each side of the central river bridge – and that in a radial shape.

The dragon bridge – the dragon is Ljubljana’s landmark!

The Ljubljana Castle

The view from the castle. On a clear day – like today – up to the Triglav in the Julian Alps

At this point I would like to thank my host family, Andrej, Maja, Nikolaj, Maša and Tonja, who accommodated me without complaint for two nights, drove me in and out of Ljubljana, served me deliciously and washed my laundry and where I also found time and leisure to get the bike in shape again: with new brake blocks it brakes now better than ever before and also the chain runs again like lubricated (is it also 🙂 )

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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