Heike Pirngruber

As a travelling cyclist I also like to look beyond my own nose and follow the blogs of other cyclists, especially those who do not just see cycling as a temporary part of their lives, but have made it their life. Some of them get boring after a while, e.g. when it is only about performance instead of experiences and encounters, others I follow over a longer period of time.

Who I won’t get tired of virtually accompanying at all is Heike Pirngruber (pushbikegirl), who has been travelling the world for seven years now and has certainly experienced more in every single year than most of us have in our whole lives. Especially her expressive, even if sometimes photographed pictures make me dream of further travels (e.g. Iran) or show an unvarnished view of the dreariness of some parts of the world (e.g. West Africa).

On the occasion of the “anniversary” – and probably also because she is bored due to Corona, recently she was stuck in Colombia – she has summarized some highlights under the title “seven years cycling the world” in her blog – very worth reading!

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