St. Brieuc

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Thursday, June 16th

We have a lie-in and decide for a rest-day: No taking down of the tent today, the bikes have a break, we stay “une autre nuit”.

We walk through St. Brieuc, provided with information of the local “Office du tourisme”, look at the cathedral, which looks more like a fortress than a place of worship and go to “La Buron” at noon – nice ambience, besides us apparently only local guests, a lot of patience with us broken speaking tourists and very good food: an unrestricted recommendation (should one ever be in St. Brieuc for lunch).

like a fortress: the cathedral of St. Brieuc

Just in time with rain we leave the Brasserie and have a look at the “old St. Brieuc”: a few old and sometimes not very thoroughly restored half-timbered houses. Well, there was something more beautiful! In a Salon de thé we drink a much too sweet hot chocolate and eat similar Petits Fours.

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