…and what else is important to me

Here I’ve collected a few things that else are close to my heart. The collection is alphabetical, mixed and of course subjective. Of course there are many more things worth supporting, but I can’t and don’t want to present everything, but rather consciously set a few focal points. And the alternative of “too little” is “nothing at all” – and that is too little to me 😉

A click on the headings leads directly to the homepage of the respective organisation.

Deutscher Kinderhospizverein e.V.

In Germany, children with life-shortening diseases generally receive comprehensive medical care. Living with such a child demands a high degree of time, effort and attention from parents and siblings, which is not compensated by any social network. Here the Kinderhospizverein accompanies the families from the time of diagnosis, during the illness and beyond death. Only the wishes of the affected families determine the type of support.

World Bicycle Relief

Africa is humanely and economically exploited and abused as the garbage dump of the rest of the world. Profits from the continent’s rich raw materials flow to international corporations or corrupt channels. The key to greater prosperity for all is education and opportunities for economic independence. But this only works if the often long distances to the nearest school or city can be overcome. The NGO World Bicycle Relief mobilizes people with bicycles. Its vision is a world where distances are no longer an obstacle to education, health care and economic opportunities.

Meanwhile (03/2018) WorldBicycleRelief has published the following information:

a total of 392,000 bicycles delivered to 19 countries
of which 54,687 last year alone
over 1,900 mechanics* trained


TV channel Arte reports on the work of World Bicycle Relief in Zambia in a 25-minute program that is available in their media library until 31.07.2019: Zambia: A Wheel Wins.


Warmshowers is a bicycle community by and for bicycle travelers. If you know Couchsurfing, you also know the principle of Warmshowers: you provide overnight accommodation (and of course a warm shower) for cyclists travelling through and you can take advantage of it when you are on tour. The difference to Couchsurfing: Only those who travel by bike are entitled to accommodation. The advantage: there is always at least one common topic between each other otherwise strange humans 🙂

Addendum 05/2021: Unfortunately, in the last few years warmshowers has developed in a direction that I no longer appreciate. The original community has apparently turned into a commercially oriented company. In the meantime an admission fee of 30 USD is charged and the app, which was created by some programmers on a voluntary basis, was blocked by WS and replaced by a commercially developed one. This also costs and that monthly!

As a host, this changes nothing for me for now and I don’t have to use the app either, since I can also access the “classic” website on my smartphone – let’s see how long! At warmshowers.bike and in the facebook group “Open Alternative to WarmShowers.org” there are thoughts about founding an alternative.

All this leads to the fact that I still list WarmShowers here, but meanwhile at the end of the page!

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