Prelude in Paris

Saturday 11 June, 2016

On 7 a.m. in Paris we go to a café for our first breakfast – we spent the night in the Flixbus, the only possibility to get from the Rhineland to Paris with bicycles and without much change of trains. Tired and smashed, we still have 7 hours in the city – enough for a short sightseeing with Notre Dame, a few small garbage piles (the French are on strike again), a fenced Eiffel Tower with intensive access controls and a lot of police and military – because of the European Football Championship and the terror warnings.

Arrived at Paris
Saturday morning at 7:00 isn’t very busy yet
Metro entrance in Art Nouveau style
In Front of Notre Dame
The terror warnings in the EM context show effects …
… and also new possibilities.
Even the Eiffel Tower is only accessible under strong controls.

At 16:05 the TGV takes us to Morlaix. We stay at the Hotel St. Melaine, simple and cheap, with very friendly hostel parents and TV in the room (European Football Championship!), the bikes are parking in the restaurant, which is closed today.

On the train to Morlaix
The 1861 viaduct dominates the Morlaix cityscape

In the evening, the favorite english team only manage 1:1 against russia in the preliminary round!

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