Sulzenauhütte – Nürnberger Hütte

Thursday, 18.10.

First action in the morning: light the oven!

We take our time in the morning, because today’s stage is also short: it’s only three hours to the Nürnberger Hütte. When we have just left the winter room, we meet a single person who has already climbed up from the valley car park in the morning and still wants to reach the Gamsspitzl today. Respect! But unfortunately also quite a chatterer, whom we gladly let move again.

Now we stroll comfortably up to the Grünsee, put the backpacks down and take the camera to hand. If only we wouldn’t be able to find one or the other photo motif here. Some time later we go on to Niederl, a 2.629m high yoke on which a cross (as thanks for the accident-free construction of the Nürnberger Hütte) and a bench are installed on both sides of the cross. The ideal place for lunch, as the sun continues to spoil us and despite the exposed location there is almost no wind!

Bold bridge construction

At Grünsee

Reflection in an unnamed lake: Urfallspitze, Gamsspitzl, Wilder Freiger, Aperer Freiger, Sulzenaukogel (from left)

On the Niederl

The Nürnberger Hütte

Then a short descent to the hut and a longer afternoon spent fetching water, making fire, drinking, cooking and dozing. We decide to get up early tomorrow morning.