Fulpmes – Starkenburger Hütte

Saturday, 14.10.


Clack – clack – clack the sticks claw into the gravel as we walk towards the Starkenburger Hütte. The profile soles under my feet find their way almost by themselves, earthed by the weight of the backpack on my back, while the eyes bite into the panorama of the lower Stubaital. Man! Because of all the biking I almost forgot how good that feels!

How lucky we’re not hunters!

When we arrive at an altitude of 2.237m, the hut is just taking a bath in the warm light of the approaching sunset. In front of the hut, an installation introduces the “Seven Summits” of the Stubai Valley, seven peaks that are considered to have a special character due to their shape, location or view.

At the Starkenburger Hütte

Habicht (left) and Wilder Freiger (right back) – two of the ‘Seven Summits’

The winter room is small, only six places, but after piercing the stove it warms up quite quickly, while the temperature outside slowly drops below zero now that the sun has disappeared.

Play in the dark. Or does Leo want to say that there is an infinite number of stars here?

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