On the Stubaier Höhenweg

Leo is already retired and I am now also in early retirement. Best conditions to plan our annual autumn tour spontaneously and depending on the weather. We thought. But in my first “free” year I was on the road so much that we suddenly only have exactly six days off (yes, I know that’s moaning at the highest level! 🙂 ). But the weather forecast plays along, at least for Austria and the north side of the Alps. And so our choice comes to the Stubaier Höhenweg, which we don’t know yet, although it’s a classic.

Part 1:

Fulpmes – Starkenburger Hütte

Starkenburger Hütte – Franz-Senn-Hütte

Franz-Senn-Hütte – Gasteig

Total distance: 35.23 km
Max elevation: 2712 m
Min elevation: 1111 m
Total climbing: 3400 m
Total descent: -3642 m
Download file: Stubai2018Teil1.gpx

Part 2:

Grawaalm – Sustenauhütte – Gr. Trögler

Sustenauhütte – Nürnberger Hütte


Total distance: 19.15 km
Max elevation: 2884 m
Min elevation: 1376 m
Total climbing: 2055 m
Total descent: -2282 m
Download file: Stubai2018Teil2.gpx