english readers

This website may not look perfect for a native English speaker. There are several reasons for this: My native language is German and I do not have a professional translation service. Since these pages are in addition in no way commercial, I also use tools and aids consistently free of charge or at least economical. As a result, WordPress themes, plug-ins and multilingualism do not always interact 100%.

Since August 3, 2018, I have been writing bilingual posts. But there are also several older posts and pages. I plan to translate at least the pages one by one as well. But some contents are generally only available in German, even if the language selector shows English.

Nevertheless, I hope that I can offer a certain service to my English-speaking readers and apologize for any shortcomings I have incorporated.

There is also a problem concerning the “pages”: All my tours before Feb. 2018 are not blogged, but written as “pages”. By linking from one page to another, the link is always adressing the german page, so you have to switch to the english version “by hand” again. 🙁 I haven’t found the cause for that problem yet.