My new touring limousine

After more than 10 years I have taken my faithful VSF bike out of service and bought a new touring bike. This time I ordered it from Poison Bikes, where I could have it assembled according to my individual requirements. Important aspects were

  • Robustness: the bike is designed for a total weight (bike + rider + luggage) of 180 kg, which I hope to never exhaust, but gives security!
  • Low maintenance, especially on the road: I hate not being able to shift properly after a few hours of touring in bad weather, because chain, sprocket and shift gear are totally dirty. The Pinion gearbox I have chosen is encapsulated in a dirt and waterproof housing and – optimal for weight distribution – lies in the middle of the bike in the pedal box. Topping it all off is a Gates transmission belt, the only maintenance it needs is a little water from time to time, and that’s only when it’s completely dirty.
  • Safety: Of course the bike is fully roadworthy. This includes, for example, headlights and rear lights with brake light function from Busch&Müller, but also little things like the separate kickstand on the front wheel, which prevents the bike from tipping over when parked, even if the front pockets are completely full.

Here are a few photos:

By the way, I do not receive any commission from the mentioned companies, the naming and linking is done solely because I am convinced of the products.

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