After breakfast I walk again to the spa area. But this is actually the wrong expression. Hundertwasser has created an entire area here in which people live at least architecturally in harmony with nature. In addition to the thermal spa, there are hotels, conference rooms and apartments. There are also some “eye slit houses” on the site, whose façade silhouette has the shape of an eye and whose roofs, covered with trees or meadows merge with the natural surroundings.

Two women, as it turns out mother and daughter, sit in front of such an eye slit house. Both from Vienna, but they haven’t dealt with Hundertwasser yet. But well, it took me a few decades as a moved-in Bonner until I was in the Beethovenhaus for the first time! They rented a holiday apartment here. We talk for a long time about Hundertwasser, ecology and a life in harmony with nature. Finally, I am allowed to take a look into the apartment, which consequently also does without straight lines and right angles as far as poss

ible. “The straight line is godless,” said Hundertwaser, so I was surprised how “normal” the model apartment in the Green Citadel in Magdeburg looked, which Uta and I visited in June as part of a guided tour. Here the interior design is more consistent. Although this often requires custom-made furniture, it immediately creates a tremendous feel-good factor!

Afterwards and today not until around noon I go on tour. To give back to nature what one takes away from it through building activities – one of Hundertwasser’s ideas – promotes the oneness of man and nature. But am I one with nature when I rush from coast to coast through five countries, always thinking about what I still see today, where I could still get to today? Or with me? Somehow I miss the resting points. When I am walking in the mountains, I have them much more often – a rest on the summit in fine weather and a wonderful view, in autumn often over the fog that covers the valleys with cotton wool, gives me a deep rest, which I like to extend to one or two hours. And what is on this tour so far? The lunch break in the Altvater mountains perhaps and the stay here in Bad Blumau, yesterday evening in the Spa and this morning on this area. But that was it. Although I haven’t had to work for half a year now, I don’t think I’ve yet abandoned the work mentality: to do as much as possible, as fast as possible and well documented – there’s still a bit more to it! Maybe today I should let myself drift in peace instead of drifting myself. Don’t look at the speedometer to see how fast I’m driving and how far I’ve come. And maybe I should take a photo break for one day! Or at least don’t put any photos in this blog. Just let the text take effect once. Exceptionally.

Crazy enough, this decision actually gives me a certain relief and so I drive out of Bad Blumau in a comfortable, almost pleasurable way, through many cornfields, some apple orchards and past huge greenhouses of the Frutura company, which, as I find out later on the Internet, produces vegetables all year round – also according to organic guidelines – and uses the up to 125°C hot thermal waters of the Styrian underground. Their heat helps the plants thrive and the water is cooled and returned to the ground.

I drive through the Lafnitz valley, whose river – the Lafnitz – long formed the border between the Kingdom of Hungary and the Duchy of Styria. Unfortunately, rivers have the habit of moving their beds after thunderstorms and floods, which regularly led to border disputes (including violent ones). Empress Maria Theresia finally set up an arbitration court and its verdict led to the Styrians losing their properties, which were meanwhile located beyond the Lafnitz – the “German grounds”.

Behind Fürstenfeld there is a small ascent again. Did I miss it? Not really! And then it comes again thick as a bell. Pushing section! Sometimes such a battery would be perhaps not bad nevertheless. A small one at least! But afterwards there is a nice ride over the heights with views into a picturesque hilly landscape. With Hundertwasser’s slit-eye houses you could easily think you were in the Shire!

In Unterlamm the second push section of today takes place and that leads where? Of course to Oberlamm! To loosen up the necessary break I search for campgrounds on my smartphone and notice that there is one in Jennersdorf. This is not directly at the EV 9, but reachable. Only, unfortunately, by driving down the pushing distance again. How annoying! Already conquered height have to give up again? I struggle with myself for a long time, but in the end I do it and, while I’m studying the map on the campsite now, find out that the Eurovelo could have saved a lot of inclines with a few more kilometres!

Translated with

Total distance: 43.67 km
Max elevation: 362 m
Min elevation: 241 m
Total climbing: 643 m
Total descent: -675 m
Download file: 20180906.gpx

Well, there is probably a recording error at the beginning of today! Anyway, I didn’t even start from 0 to 286 🙂

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  1. “Mit Hundertwasers Augenschlitzhäusern versehen könnte man glatt meinen, man wäre im Auenland!” — nach diesem Satz hab ich ein Foto dann doch vermisst.
    Ansonsten: Toller Text!
    …und Du hast mich neugierig darauf gemacht, mich auch mal mit Hundertwasser zu beschäftigen.
    Danke & Grüße

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