The Weinviertel – where is it?

I drive back shortly in the morning to take another photo of the outside of Lednice Castle – that was simply sunk yesterday in the rain. Moravia is certainly worth a visit! All in all, this area was the highlight of this trip so far: the Moravian Karst, the castles of the Liechtenstein family, the forest and park landscape, through which I still drive a few kilometres. Břeclav also contains a legacy of the Liechtenstein people: the Catholic parish church in Poštorná from the end of the 19th century, whose unusual basic form is more reminiscent of a Greek Orthodox church.

Lednice Castle again

The parish church in Břeclav (Poštorná)

Shortly before the border a little reflection on the Czechs: while the younger ones mostly speak English, even close to the border to Austria hardly anyone speaks a word of German! But at least: the unfriendliness with which we were sometimes served in Bohemia (see Elbe cycle path), I have not experienced here any more. Again I want to give away my last local money. But the children are simply too good to be told: they do not accept anything from strangers! Only the mother accepts.

Na shledanou, Česká!

Grüß Gott, Austria!

So now Austria: the signs are perfect, so are the paths, even gravel roads are good to drive on – except for a few water channels and mud pools, which is no wonder after yesterday’s rainfall – and now and then there is even a bench for a short break. But the cappuccino (bike tour comparison currency!) now costs twice as much as in the Czech Republic! But to be honest I imagined the Weinviertel, through which I am now officially driving, a little different: more wine, more wine-growing villages, more wine taverns. But the villages I come through are all quite lifeless, pumpkins and corn grow on the fields, unless they have already been harvested.

lined maize

You can also survive a rain shower in a welcome sign – 60 cm roof is sufficient!

Legacy of the last storm

After a short rain shower the wind turned up quite a bit for the last 30 kilometres, of course from the front and it is also quite cold. At the crowning conclusion there is then another roller coaster: it is constantly going up and down and quite steep: downhill I can reach over 50 km/h, uphill I hardly make it in 1st gear! I am certainly happy when I arrive at Leni and Bernhard, my current Warmshowers hosts, and I am warmly welcomed. With a common dinner, wine from the Weinviertel (which there probably is, only not just at the EV 9), tips for my tomorrow’s day in Vienna and varied conversations the evening ends. Or not quite: while I am writing this article (Leni and Bernhard are already in bed), a thunderstorm rages outside, during which I am happy to be allowed to sit inside!

Translated with

Total distance: 92.41 km
Max elevation: 298 m
Min elevation: 154 m
Total climbing: 796 m
Total descent: -794 m
Download file: 20180902.gpx

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