The aroma of mirabelles flatters the nose, while I continue up the Trebnitz mountains in the morning. Because they grow here again wild at the roadside, just like apples, pears and plums. Trebnitzer Berge – that promises descents and makes fears of inclines. And at 14% (up) I have to get off and push. Luckily, it happens only once. Apart from that, the landscape is much more attractive and varied than the flat Wielkopolska.

In the Trebnitz mountains – 14% gradient ahead

These pigs are manure free!

After having mastered all the heights of today, Idescend into the Lower Silesian Plain. The road width is increasing, motorways are being crossed, construction is densifying, small industry is joining in: all the clear signs of an approaching big city. Finally, there are buses, cafés, restaurants and flower shops, but it is only Psie Pole, a suburb of Wrocław. Did I say coffee shop? Finally another cappuccino and a piece of lemon meringue! (Good coffee in Poland is limited to the big cities!)

A few kilometres further on I am at the Breslauer market. Once again peppered with impressive historical buildings I can hardly get enough of seeing myself. On the other hand, it is already much too hot to start the big sightseeing tour. I get some information at the Tourist Info and then drive to a camping site. Although it is another eight kilometres away in a suburb, it is quite quiet. I decide to insert a day of rest tomorrow, not least because tomorrow is supposed to be a thunderstorm. I’d rather be in town than on a bike. Furthermore, my legs are happy when they are allowed to walk again.

Here are some first impressions of Wroclaw:

Wroclaw Town Hall on Rynek (Polish for Market Square)

Windows in the Old Town Hall

At the market place

House facade at Rynek

The market hall (which by the way is not on the market place!)

In the market hall

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Total distance: 54.13 km
Max elevation: 229 m
Min elevation: 112 m
Total climbing: 327 m
Total descent: -402 m
Download file: 20180823.gpx

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