Sandstorm or what?

At the lake in Waliszczewo

Waliszczewo – that was the most idyllic place I have stayed overnight so far. And so I am not in a hurry to break off here this morning, especially since it is probably not that far to Poznan. For a long time I sit with a cup of tea in my hand and look at the lake. But at some point everything is packed and the bike is ready and so am I.

On the way an open-air museum, which unfortunately is closed today.

What was already true for apples the other day, is also true for the mirabelle!

A few kilometers after I left the small campground, I finally think about switching on the track recording. If you look at the map below, you have to imagine the way from Waliszczewo 🙂 Today it goes then again and again past lakes, even if partly over adventurous ways. It is therefore perhaps a good thing that it is not so far today. In the forest the paths are mostly sandy, partly gravelly, but shady. And here too there are always wild apple and mirabelle trees, which bewitch the nose with the sweet scent of their ripe fruits. Anyway, I’m all alone here. Sand and boulders – probably I am driving around on the ground moraine of the last ice age. And indeed the assumption is confirmed when suddenly a foundling is lying around in a parking lot (!).

As soon as I’m out of the forest, the wind, which according to is supposed to blow today at 37 km/h, catches me right from the front. So I’m not going 10 km/h, as the speedometer shows, but almost 50! Only 37? It feels like twice as much. The dust is stirred up from the fields and blown across the path. What was initially a sporting challenge is slowly becoming a torture. Sand everywhere! He swims under the tire, itches in the eyes and grinches between the teeth!

Sand everywhere!

Isn’t something missing here? (just a reminder: this is the route of the EuroVelo 9)

Although today’s stage may not be as long, it is the most difficult and above all the most strenuous stage of this tour so far. And so I am glad when I finally arrived in Poznan, where I take a look at the city and the cathedral, before I meet Andrej, my warmshowers-host. We end the day with a dinner and a beer or two. Oh yes, and of course it was longer than expected!

The Cathedral of Poznan has a history of more than 1000 years

Inside the cathedral – simple but beautiful!

The Town Hall of Poznan

The colourful houses at Poznan market

Translated with

Total distance: 57.95 km
Max elevation: 118 m
Min elevation: 53 m
Total climbing: 365 m
Total descent: -379 m
Download file: 20180820.gpx

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    1. Na auf Deinem Bild war ja immerhin noch eine Ansage! Bei mir war echt nichts! Der Weg hörte vor den Gleisen auf und ging auf der anderen Seite weiter. Kein Verbotsschild! Und Teil des EuroVelo9, wobei man fairerweise sagen muss, dass der ja insbesondere in Polen noch gar nicht fertig ist, sondern noch im Projektstadium verweilt – und Du weißt ja, wie das mit Projekten so ist :-))

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