country outing

In the morning at the lake

Sunday in Poland. From the open church doors of the small villages through which I come, the song of the faithful escapes to heaven. The skleps aren’t open yet either. But a gas station in Mogilno. Here I have a cup of coffee and replenish my drinks. Then I continue through monotonous regions, which offer variety only in the quality of ways: first asphalted roads, then gravelled ways and finally also the sandbox is opened again. Then I have to push again and I need ten minutes for one kilometre.

monotonous region

If Poland has one in abundance, it’s apples. They fall from the many trees along the way and rot on the spot.

Finally the landscape becomes wavy again and on asphalt roads there is also a fast descent, of course at the price of a counter rise. I wonder what the name of the area is. I’m somewhere between Mogilno and Gniezno. After a long lunch break in Gnesen I continue. It is quite hot and I am actually glad about the wind, which comes diagonally from ahead, because without it it would be unbearable. I use every tree that casts a shadow over the road for a drink break (there aren’t that many trees!). From Dziekanowice it is only 34 kilometres to Poznan, where I could arrange a warm showers overnight stay tomorrow. So why continue today? I turn north to head for a small campsite by the lake just five kilometres away. And so the day ends as it began: at the lake, only this time with sanitary facilities.

Between Mogilno and Gniezno


No, these are not staff lines! 😉

In the evening at the (next) lake

Translated with

Total distance: 74.74 km
Max elevation: 151 m
Min elevation: 79 m
Total climbing: 385 m
Total descent: -357 m
Download file: 20180819.gpx

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