At the airport

I already did the check-in online (at the airport it costs € 10,- extra at Wizz Air). Nevertheless I have to go to the counter and register my luggage. Practically, this is right next to the bulky luggage counter, where I have to check in my bike. But the bike is supposedly not booked, at least it is not on the boarding pass. Since I am sure that I booked it, the system is going to be checked. And: there it is! The bag with the panniers supposedly weighs 22 kg (2 kg excess baggage = chargeable!), but my scale at home showed 19.4 kg, which fortunately is believed me. Cheap flier!
The bulky luggage counter is closed, by the way. I have to go to the other end of the hall, which means a lot of slalom with the bike in the box across the baggage car and in between to remove a barrier tape. Well, good thing I brought enough time!

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